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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mistakes were made...

Yesterday, my three-and-a-half-year-old son, Tom, miscalculated how powerful a force a flushing toilet can be. Tom is a very good boy, so when we were at a friends' home, and he had an accident in his little drawers, he decided to clean up the mess by himself. While we adults were eating delicious food under the Arizona setting sun, Tom went into the bathroom and flushed his underwear down the commode.

The underwear got lodged deep in the plumbing below the floor. Water (yucky water) overflowed the bowl and started to back up the shower. Alex discovered the mess, and we all ran inside. Tom didn't know whether to be proud of himself for his enterprising spirit, or be upset because all the adults were running around looking for towels and turning off the water.

We plunged at it for awhile with no luck. Two Home Depots later, my friend and I rented an industrial strength snake attached to a drill that looked like it had a lot of torque. We prodded at the drain for another spell with the big tool. Other than scratching up some of the enamel in the bottom of the toilet bowl, this achieved nothing. By this time it was getting late and kids had to be put to bed. We went home with the agreement that my (hopefully still) friends would try some more to get the underwear free. If they could not, they would call a plumber in the morning.

Well, the plumber came today and was able to flush Tom's nasty underwear into the Scottsdale sewer system. My friends' home is back to having flushing toilets that don't involve waterfalls and gross water in the floor of the shower.

Through it all, Tom has been sticking with his story that he did it by himself and that he flushed the toilet. The funny thing for Alex and me has been the unique and new feelings this experience has brought forth in us. For the first time (other than for minor episodes of acting up in public places) we have been embarrassed because of something one of our children did. Our friends have been absolutely saintly about the whole thing: very calm and understanding--actually less upset than we have been. I love Thomas so, so much. But it would be ok with me if he doesn't do this again.


Blogger pinknest said...

lol!! that is a great story.

9:40 PM

Anonymous Taylor said...

This is the kind of story we will be laughing about years from now...

8:44 AM

Anonymous Alex said...

I hope so Taylor... you are a sweetie!

10:46 AM


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