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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Crazy Chicken

I love reading blogs about people's experiences in restaurants. My wife and I love to go out and savor some great foodie food, but since having kids, are not nearly as able to eat out as often as we would like. I know I've read articles in Gourmet and other similar sources about rich New Yorkers who find it absolutely shameful NOT to bring your squalling toddlers to sample haute cuisine, because you have to get them started being food snobs early. But, we don't go out just to inculcate our kids that concept food is better than Applebee's. We go out because we enjoy food, we enjoy each other's company, and we enjoy the idea that our kids are eating macaroni & cheese at Grandma's house while we snack on teppary bean pate, roasted duck breast with some snazzy sauce, desserts that glow with fresh fruit and highbrow chocolate.

But today, we took the kids out. We went to the new fastfood franchise in our neighborhood, El Pollo Loco. They specialize in "Flame-Grilled Mexican Chicken." It was great, plus they had industrial highchairs--the kind you can spray off with firehoses. Lily, my baby, had french fries, quesadilla, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, and red juice. She's my eater. Tom, the picky one, actually ate the popcorn chicken like he liked it and stirred around the mashed potatotes. Alex had authentic looking roast chicken tacos (two corn tortillas wrapped around hunks of crazy chicken, cilantro and onions). I ate a chicken tostada salad that was made more delicious by the fact that Tom was eating his food and not disturbing other patrons. Alex made the apt point that everything would've been a touch better if the placed served beer, which they do not.

Overall, we're just glad there's one more placed besides McDonalds near our house that is cheap, fast, and kid-friendly. This place is fun, too, since Tom likes to shout "pollo loco!" and then giggle like a fiend.

In a couple of days, we're taking the whole band to San Diego for a week--lots of meals out with a finicky 3-year-old and a 20 month food wonder. Who'll be shouting "me vuelven loco!" by the end of the week?


Blogger RogueHistorian said...

Anyone who says that "high class" food is better simply because it's expensive and/or written in faux-French needs a swift kick in ass (or maybe the teeth would be better . . . hmmmm, I'll have to think on this). Personally, while I do enjoy nice restaraunts and fancy meals, I can be perfectly happy with a great burger and beer (on that note, if you are ever in Boulder, CO, look up Tom's Tavern on Pearl Street - best burger around).

10:05 AM

Blogger pinknest said...

mmm....all that sounds so good. i want a tostada now. and what are all those crazy chicken photos?! we have a pollo loco here, too. i wonder if it's the same?

10:32 AM


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