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Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day of Last Year

This may not matter to anyone else, but today I started the last year of coursework in my doctoral program. In other words, this is my last year to be an official student with another professor grading my weekly work. (Of course, the dissertation will be "graded," but that is not the same.) This feels like a big deal to me.

Also today: our air conditioner continues not to function correctly despite the temperatures being in the 100-110 range; Lily stayed home sick with Alex with an ear infection; Tom had to go to daycare at the crack of dawn because I began my schoolyear RAship at 8am; our house is all screwed up because we chose this weekend to reassign who has which bedroom.

I'm taking a seminar in Latin American religious history, and I hope to post some here about the things I'll be learning. We're starting out by reading the Popol Vuh, the creation narrative of a group of Maya in the highlands in Guatemala. It's a text shot through with the influences of its historic context (post-conquest) and not representative of all Maya, but I look forward to getting into it.


Blogger Alex said...

Just to clarify -- Lily has the ear infection. "Lily stayed home with Alex *because* Lily has an ear infection." The heat from no A/C is getting to our meager brains.

9:20 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Hey! I know the Popul Vuh. Well, I remember studying it in my Maya anthropology course. Cool!

Hope the A/C begins functioning the way it should and that Lily feels better.

11:42 AM


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