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Friday, August 25, 2006

Proud Dad

I realize that parents can get too promotional when it comes to their own kids, but this is my blog. So, I wanted to share some photos of my two.

This is Tom when he was a little over year old. He's holding Brown Bear.

This is Lily about a year ago.

This one of my favorite pictures ever. It's from last Halloween and includes Nana.

Tom engaged in some "risky business" last January.

Lily in her baptismal gown last November.

Here's the whole family last October. We went to a photo studio, and everyone great and small smiled and kept their eyes open!

And finally, the sweetest picture of all the people I love the most. This was an afternoon when everyone was getting tired in San Diego just a few weeks ago.


Blogger pinknest said...

i love that halloween photo, too! that bee costume is to die for. :)

12:03 PM


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